How to add links in blogger comment ?


Do you want to know , how to add links in blogger comment ? If yes then you are at the best possible place.

At first blogger comment form doesn't give us any simple button or icon for adding link and sometime its creates problem . Sometime readers may need to put  a link to particular site  in  their comment and they start thinking how to do it and run to google.

How to add links in blogger comment

If you are one of them then i am telling you after reading this post you will be able to add links in comment of both blogger and wordpress blogs.

This Method is native way using HTML anchor tag which is given below.

<a href="    Your_Link   " >Text to be displayed </a>

How to use it ?

In comment form write comment and when you need to add link , just add above code and replace your_Link  with link of webpage or any site. And Text to be displayed with your own text.

After that publish comment and you  will see a clickable link on comment.


How to add links in blogger comment


Demo of links in blogger comment

Pro tips :  ( read carefully)

1.  Use link in sentence
Always use link in sentence For Example in above case i used a sentence . My blog  is about starting a free blog , adsense  , Blogger etc

In this case " Starting a free blog " was my Anchor text to be displayed and that link was to my post about starting free blog.

2. Do not spam
While commenting on any blog , Make sure  that you are not spamming. Like you should write a bit lengthy and valuable comment with questions , confusions or  suggestions related to that post. This will help you easily approve your comment.

3.Use correct and relevant anchor Text

If you are commenting on others blog and leaving a link of your post then please use correct anchor text like your post title or any phrases which defines your post.
Wrong anchors are penalized by google.

Sometime your competitor may anchor wrong texts for your blog like porn related etc and google may penalize your website so always use  anchor correctly.


Finally i want to tell you a secret of commenting, yes its a secret for those who use blogger platform . Commenting and leaving link  is the best  way to gain loyal followers .  You must me wondering really ? , yes  it is . I have tested this and this works greatly . If you left link in facebook its waste , on youtube comment surely as waste but not in blogger comment.

I left some 200 comments with link to my posts and i got 1800 views on my blog and the best part is they were repeatedly visiting . At least five times a month. So i always suggest to comment on blogs rather than youtube and facebook.

I hope you enjoyed  this post . Please share it and link to this blog.


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