How to Upload images and get URL in Blogger ?


Upload an image and Get its URL

Alot of bloggers including you and me starts their first blog on platform which is a free to use platform by google.

At the begining most of us don't know some of the very basic tricks and tips like getting URL of image is one of those. When i was new to blogger platform then sometime i required URL of an image , luckily i was known to little html and css which i learnt in school.

But many bloggers  don't have knowledge of HTML and coding so they struggle to get URL of an image.

So today in this tutorial i am going to show you how to upload images and get its URL in blogger.
In order to do that just ,

Follow these steps :

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard and navigate to posts.

Step 2 : click on orange plus to create new post and you will see post editor .

Upload image

Step 3 : In menu bar find image icon just click on it.
Upload from computer

Step 4 : click on upload from computer button and you will see like this.

Get URL of image in blogger

Step 5 : choose any image and let it upload. After uploading completes , just select that image  and your image will be present in the post.

Getting URL of an image

In order to get image URL you have to check its source code. For that click on HTML mode in menu and you will see codings like below.
Get URL of an image

Now go to region where image lies , inorder to reach to image you can read nearby texts in a post . But if post has single image then it will be easy.

Check for <img  src=".............."> tag

Src = " something "

That something is URL of your image . Just select that Text and copy it . Now you can use this URL wherever you want.

Ways of Adding images in blogger blog.

Generally there are three ways of adding images in blogger blog. 
1. Direct Upload
In this method you just upload an image directly from computer and select it.

1. Google photos 
If any image is present in your google photos app or say account then it can be accessed. So if you want to use google photos then at first sign in to your google photos using same google account and upload all photos then you can use them later in posts.

3. Blogger
Generally it is just a library of those used photos so it is useful if you want to use same image twice or if you don't wanna reupload same image. Basically it  is image storage of your blog.

4. By URL
You can use images in blogger by URL . For example websites like pixabay have free images you can copy their URL and use it.


Finally , uploading an image and getting its URL is not very big problem but it is very useful and important trick of blogger . And it is always beneficial if you know it.

This blog contains many such tricks and tips  for new bloggers who have joined the blogging community recently so if you are one of them just.
Check out this blogs other article and also link to this blog please from yours if possible.


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