How to create labels in blogger ?

Do you want to know how to create labels in blogger ? If yes then you are at the right place . 

At first you should understand what is label ?
Not only in blogger platform but in any blog website a label simply means category. And hence you can create different labels  to categorize your blog posts.

In general a blogger writes on few topics or niches but sometime blog may contain many categorize but wait ,having a large no of categorize can lead to some problems .
They are given below.

Navigation problem

we use labels in navigation menu and if there are alot of labels then you won't be able to keep all label in menu and this creates a problem.

Search Ranking

It is found that specific blog or say niche blog ranks better in google and gets more visitor . If you write on any topic haphazardly then your posts won't rank on google and thus your blog will not get visitors.

From above explaination you might have guessed that writing on alot of topic may cause harm. So how many topic or category is correct.

Well according to me we can write on 6 to 8 topics without any problem and it will fit in nav bar and also it will not look messy to google.

I write about blogspot tutorial , Blogging , Adsense , Growing traffic ,SEO so i only write on 5 topics which is best but you can create upto 8 categorize.

 How to create labels in Blogger ?

There are two ways to create labels in blogger and i will explain both of them step wise.

First method

In this method you can create label from dashboard.

Step 1 : At first go to  Blogger dashboard in posts section.

step 2 : click on option button on post and then click on Apply label 

Step 3 : Enter your label name or if label already exist then select and click on apply button

Congratulations you have successfully created a category or say label. In order to check it visit your blog and see label gadget you will see your new label.

But your blog must have label gadget added.

second  method

In this method  we will create labels from page settings inside post editor.

Step 1 : Go to blogger dashboard and open any  post in editing mode.

Step 2 :- click on setting option at top right corner and you will see like this.

Step 3 :- Enter your label name or if already created then just select it.

Congratulations you have succesfully created or say added label to your post.


Finally i want to say you that categorizing posts in a blog is very important both for human and search bots because it helps google to better understand your blog and its very helpful in ranking. Except that labels also helps visitors to find similar posts which decreases bounce rate and visitor will stay longer in your site.

If you found this article useful then please share it and also link to this website. And if you have any queries then please leave it in the comment section.

So you created labels but do you know how to create a navigation out of it . Please read post below to understand.


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