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How to add download button in blogger ?

  Do you want to add download button in blogger post ? If yes then you are at the best possible place.  In todays world almost everything is online and there are alot of web based services like watching movies , listening music , reading blogs , social media etc. And among those many websites offer some data to download  and in similar way you  may also provide something to download to  your visitors. And those files can be downloaded simply by clicking a button . So lets understand what is a download button. You should know that download button doesnt exists practically yes almost all website in this world uses download link . And when user click these link then download is triggered and files get downloaded. So i assume that you have this download link and now you want  to set this link in a button in blogger post. Generally these download links are created by file host to trigger download mechanism . Like google drive provide a way to host such files or mediafire or dropbox

How to create labels in blogger ?

Do you want to know how to create labels in blogger ? If yes then you are at the right place .  At first you should understand what is label ? Not only in blogger platform but in any blog website a label simply means category. And hence you can create different labels  to categorize your blog posts. In general a blogger writes on few topics or niches but sometime blog may contain many categorize but wait ,having a large no of categorize can lead to some problems . They are given below. Navigation problem we use labels in navigation menu and if there are alot of labels then you won't be able to keep all label in menu and this creates a problem. Search Ranking It is found that specific blog or say niche blog ranks better in google and gets more visitor . If you write on any topic haphazardly then your posts won't rank on google and thus your blog will not get visitors. From above explaination you might have guessed that writing on alot of topic may cause harm. So ho

How to delete blogger blog permanently ?

Do you want to delete your blogger blog without deleting gmail account ? If yes then you are at the right place. Sometime we create blog for only test purpose , work on it and we find ourself in a mess and we think to delete it. There can be many reasons to delete a blogger blog like a test blog , having an old blog , also blog with no traffic and income etc .  Different people may have different reason and we think to delete that blog. But the problem is many bloggers don't know how to delete a blogger blog without deleting gmail account. So i want to say you that you can delete just your blogger blog without messing with gmail id with in few steps . How to delete a blogger blog without deleting gmail  ? Just follow these steps. Step 1 : Go to your blogger settings and find manage blog. Step 2 : You can see different options , among them  click on  " Remove your blog "  and you will see like this. Step 3 : In this step just click on "Download

How to add facebook page in blogger in 5 steps ?

  Do you want to add your facebook page in your Blogger blog ? If yes then you are at the no 1 place to do that . Every year , alot of people are joining blogging community and the platform they choose for the first time is Blogger because it is free to use and easy to handle. But new bloggers often gets problem on technical stuffs and many more things but luckily there are alot of free tutors on the web to teach you and i am one of them. And today i will teach you how to add facebook fan page in blogger blog. How to add facebook page in blogger ? In order to add your facebook Like page or Fan page in blogger,  Just  follow these steps step 1 : Copy link of your Facebook page Very first step is to copy the link of your facebook page . To copy its link at first login to your facebook account and just open your page from menu . Then you can copy its link from address field of your browser which looks like Abov

How to put posts into pages in blogger ?

Sometime blogger wants to categories similars posts into a page so that it would look more organize . Like if your blog has 6 categories or you   write on six different topics then you will want all posts to appear in six different pages so that your visitor will engage more and will easily navigate. If you have similar intention as above like putting your posts into pages then you are at absolutely right place. Today in this tutorial you will learn how to put posts into pages in blogger. so lets face it... Do blogger allow such system ? Well answer is NO  . Blogger have dynamic website structure and it shows all your posts one by one in reverse chronological order , newer posts are at the top and older at last. So if you want to look your website as static website with only important posts  and informations then you can create a static home page for that. Its your choice. Make your home page static .  I have another post on " How to create a static home page " so

How to Upload images and get URL in Blogger ?

  Alot of bloggers including you and me starts their first blog on platform which is a free to use platform by google. At the begining most of us don't know some of the very basic tricks and tips like getting URL of image is one of those. When i was new to blogger platform then sometime i required URL of an image , luckily i was known to little html and css which i learnt in school. But many bloggers  don't have knowledge of HTML and coding so they struggle to get URL of an image. So today in this tutorial i am going to show you how to upload images and get its URL in blogger. In order to do that just , Follow these steps : Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard and navigate to posts. Step 2 : click on orange plus to create new post and you will see post editor . Step 3 : In menu bar find image icon just click on it. Step 4 : click on upload from computer button and you will see like this. Step 5 : choose any image and let it upload. After uploading c

How to change favicon in blogger ?

  So you want to change favicon in your blogger based blog right  but before that Do you know what is favicon ?  Its size ?  or its role in SEO of your blogger blog if not then read this post completely you will be surprised to know about its importance. What is favicon ? Favicon is   a small brand icon which appears in left side of URL of website in any browser and also its the same icon which appear in bookmarked pages or saved pages in browser. Except browser it also appears in left-top corner of search result in google . Basically a favicon is a branding logo in web system so that people can easily recognize website like you will easily note icon of facebook that blue colored F right. Just like logo of mobile apps you can call favicon as  web branding sticker or icon. Does it affect ranking of website ? There is no direct relation of favicon with search rankings instead it is particularly related to brand and professionalism. Almost all blogs hosted on web have a favic