How to add download button in blogger ?


Do you want to add download button in blogger post ? If yes then you are at the best possible place.

 In todays world almost everything is online and there are alot of web based services like watching movies , listening music , reading blogs , social media etc. And among those many websites offer some data to download  and in similar way you  may also provide something to download to  your visitors.

And those files can be downloaded simply by clicking a button . So lets understand what is a download button.

You should know that download button doesnt exists practically yes almost all website in this world uses download link . And when user click these link then download is triggered and files get downloaded.

So i assume that you have this download link and now you want  to set this link in a button in blogger post.

Generally these download links are created by file host to trigger download mechanism . Like google drive provide a way to host such files or mediafire or dropbox etc are some hosts which offer file storage.

How to add download button in blogger ?

In order to set that link to button just follow these steps.

Step1 : Go to blogger dashboard and open any post  in HTML mode.

Step 2 : copy code below and paste it where you want download button ,there are two different types of button simple button and game type button . Copy any one  which you like.

First type of buttons

Preview of buttons

second type of button or game buttons

Preview of buttons

Step 3 : replace that href="downloadLink" with your file download link.

Step 4 : just save your post and your download button is ready to work.

Editing Button's color and round border
I have created 5 different colour of button in simple buttons and 4 different colours in game type buttons. 
Red , green , blue , cyan , purple in simple.
You can choose and use any one of them . In order to change color go to <button class="pirate-button blue" replace this blue by red or cyan or green or purple And you will get your required colour .

And to get round border or say curved button add round at last of color inside class.

Similarly in game buttons there are 4 different colors and you can similarly add color names inside class=" game-button orange" This orange can be replaced by red or orange or green.
And if you didn't used any of these word then by default it will be blue. I have added blue as default so if no colour is mentioned it will appear blue.


Having a download button makes everything very professional and make it easier for your visitor to download given files. There are many ways you can create button first is native css buttons which is very simple , fast and occupy less storage .
Other methods are prebuilt images which can be used but professionals don't recommend them why ? Because it takes alot of storage and increases your loading time . CSS button are few KB where as images are more than 200KB .

So in my opinion always use css buttons in blog as its professional plus takes less storage. Yeah they are not fancy but you know its about work not about fashion and looks but again game button looks attractive right.

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How to create labels in blogger ?

Do you want to know how to create labels in blogger ? If yes then you are at the right place . 

At first you should understand what is label ?
Not only in blogger platform but in any blog website a label simply means category. And hence you can create different labels  to categorize your blog posts.

In general a blogger writes on few topics or niches but sometime blog may contain many categorize but wait ,having a large no of categorize can lead to some problems .
They are given below.

Navigation problem

we use labels in navigation menu and if there are alot of labels then you won't be able to keep all label in menu and this creates a problem.

Search Ranking

It is found that specific blog or say niche blog ranks better in google and gets more visitor . If you write on any topic haphazardly then your posts won't rank on google and thus your blog will not get visitors.

From above explaination you might have guessed that writing on alot of topic may cause harm. So how many topic or category is correct.

Well according to me we can write on 6 to 8 topics without any problem and it will fit in nav bar and also it will not look messy to google.

I write about blogspot tutorial , Blogging , Adsense , Growing traffic ,SEO so i only write on 5 topics which is best but you can create upto 8 categorize.

 How to create labels in Blogger ?

There are two ways to create labels in blogger and i will explain both of them step wise.

First method

In this method you can create label from dashboard.

Step 1 : At first go to  Blogger dashboard in posts section.

step 2 : click on option button on post and then click on Apply label 

Step 3 : Enter your label name or if label already exist then select and click on apply button

Congratulations you have successfully created a category or say label. In order to check it visit your blog and see label gadget you will see your new label.

But your blog must have label gadget added.

second  method

In this method  we will create labels from page settings inside post editor.

Step 1 : Go to blogger dashboard and open any  post in editing mode.

Step 2 :- click on setting option at top right corner and you will see like this.

Step 3 :- Enter your label name or if already created then just select it.

Congratulations you have succesfully created or say added label to your post.


Finally i want to say you that categorizing posts in a blog is very important both for human and search bots because it helps google to better understand your blog and its very helpful in ranking. Except that labels also helps visitors to find similar posts which decreases bounce rate and visitor will stay longer in your site.

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So you created labels but do you know how to create a navigation out of it . Please read post below to understand.

How to delete blogger blog permanently ?

How to delete blogger blog permanently

Do you want to delete your blogger blog without deleting gmail account ? If yes then you are at the right place.

Sometime we create blog for only test purpose , work on it and we find ourself in a mess and we think to delete it.
There can be many reasons to delete a blogger blog like a test blog , having an old blog , also blog with no traffic and income etc .

 Different people may have different reason and we think to delete that blog. But the problem is many bloggers don't know how to delete a blogger blog without deleting gmail account.

So i want to say you that you can delete just your blogger blog without messing with gmail id with in few steps .

How to delete a blogger blog without deleting gmail  ?

Just follow these steps.

Step 1 : Go to your blogger settings and find manage blog.
How to delete blogger blog ?

Step 2 : You can see different options , among them  click on  " Remove your blog "  and you will see like this.
How to delete blogger blog permanently

Step 3 : In this step just click on "Download blog" to download your blog . It is necessary to backup. And then click on  "DELETE " button. 
How to delete blogger blog permanently

congratulations your blog is binned

What does it mean by bin ?
Well your blog is kept in bin and it will be deleted after 90 days and if you want to undelete your blog during this period then you can get it back just by clicking "undelete" button.

Step 4 :  if you want to permanently delete it then click on " PERMANENTLY DELETE " Button and you will see a picture like below.
Blogger account deleted

Step 5 : Just confirm the permanently delete button and your blog will be deleted forever.

* Once blog is deleted permanently you won't be able to get it back.


Can i get back my deleted blogger blog ?

You can get your blogger blog within 90 days of deletion . After 90 days blog get removed from googles server and exists no where so in that case you won't be able to get it back.

How to delete a blogger blog if i forgot gmail and password ?

At first only blog owner or admin can delete a blog so without logging into your blogger blog you can't delete it.  So you must know gmail account and password  to delete it.
* If you have gmail id remembered then password can be reset if you forgot it .
So just remember gmail Id


Finally i want to say that deleting a blogger blog doesn't mean deleting a gmail account. Sometime people don't know how to do it and they delete their gmail account . This is generally done by beginners who are new to blogger platform and i want to confess that i also did same but not now  . It was about 4 years ago when i was new to this platform.

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How to add facebook page in blogger in 5 steps ?


How to add facebook page in blogger

Do you want to add your facebook page in your Blogger blog ?

If yes then you are at the no 1 place to do that . Every year , alot of people are joining blogging community and the platform they choose for the first time is Blogger because it is free to use and easy to handle.

But new bloggers often gets problem on technical stuffs and many more things but luckily there are alot of free tutors on the web to teach you and i am one of them.

And today i will teach you how to add facebook fan page in blogger blog.

How to add facebook page in blogger ?

In order to add your facebook Like page or Fan page in blogger,

 Just  follow these steps

step 1 : Copy link of your Facebook page

Very first step is to copy the link of your facebook page . To copy its link at first login to your facebook account and just open your page from menu .
Then you can copy its link from address field of your browser which looks like

Above link is link to my facebook page, you can like and follow it.

Step 2 : Go to facebook developers website and Paste this link into Adress field

In this step go to official site of facebook page plugin by clicking here . And you will see a page with plugin development panel.

You just have to paste your FB page link into the field and  also select those option according to your choice. Like height or width or facebook friends my suggestion is just off your friends and leave others as it is.
Facebook developers plugin page

Step 3 : Generate code of your Facebook page plugin

Just click on the generate code button and  you  will see some codes infront of you. There are two type of code one is script SDK based and another is IFRAME based you can copy any one of them.

**Wait in script based code there are two set of code copy both of them will be required.

You can see it below.
Code to display facebook page in blogger

Step 4 : Go to layout of blogger and Add html/javascript gadget and paste code.

In this step just go to your blogger dashboard and open layout page . In layout either in sidebar or footer just click on add a Gadget and select " HTML / Javascript " gadget. Then copy paste above code there and save it.

*if you used Iframe its fine but if you used Script SDK based code then paste both code one by one.
Pasting code in widget

Step 5 : visit your Blog and you will see your Facebook page like box.

Congratulations you have successfully added a facebook Fan page like box in blogger.

Alternative Method

If you don't want to mess with all above step i have another way to do samething just copy the code below to html/javascript gadget and replace red link with your fanpage link   and hit save button and its done.
<iframe src="" width="262" height="500" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" allow="autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; picture-in-picture; web-share"></iframe>


Finally i want to say that adding a facebook fan page is very important as a blogger . If you have a good fan following in facebook or twitter then its always helpful. Another benefit of having facebook fans is you can generate money even if you don't have alot of organic traffic  and you can easily monetize facebook traffic.

There are many other benefits as well like having fan will give you recurring visits , in blogging world getting new visitors is great but recurring visit will make your brand more stronger and also helps in SEO like its signal to google that this blog has huge fan base . So all bloggers must have a FB fan page.

Thanks for reading

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How to put posts into pages in blogger ?

Sometime blogger wants to categories similars posts into a page so that it would look more organize .

Like if your blog has 6 categories or you   write on six different topics then you will want all posts to appear in six different pages so that your visitor will engage more and will easily navigate.

If you have similar intention as above like putting your posts into pages then you are at absolutely right place. Today in this tutorial you will learn how to put posts into pages in blogger.

so lets face it...

Do blogger allow such system ? Well answer is NO  . Blogger have dynamic website structure and it shows all your posts one by one in reverse chronological order , newer posts are at the top and older at last.

So if you want to look your website as static website with only important posts  and informations then you can create a static home page for that. Its your choice.

Make your home page static .

 I have another post on " How to create a static home page " so you can read it later .
* Its your choice you want  a static home page or not.

So I am breaking this tutorial in 2 steps

Step 1 : categorizing posts using label

Some beginners don't know proper use of labels they think its for SEO but reality is its for your readers to make easy to navigate your blog.

So create labels properly but not more than 6 to 8 labels
I don't recommend more than this because alot of links cannot be put in navigation menu .

These pictures shows adding labels. To add labels there are 3 ways you can use like from post editor , from post options and from label icon on top corner.

How to put multiple posts in pages in blogger

How to put multiple posts in pages in blogger

Step 2 : Add a page gadget with label links.

At first blogger has pre made pages which includes posts  and these are result pages of label. Like whenever you click a label you will see a list of posts with that label so you can use this technique to build a page to show posts.

For this you have to add a menu and in menu links just add LABEL search links.

How to get label links ?

For this just visit your blog and find label and just copy its link like below.
It looks like URL/search/label/Label__Name.

How to put posts in pages in blogger

For Native Theme

If you are using native blogger theme then thank god because its built with all features along with page gadget so in that case just go to your layout section and edit page gadget and add label links like below.

Click on Add external link
How to put posts in pages in blogger
In the place of title enter your label title and in the field of Adress or URL enter your label link in the picture below.

Add posts in pages

For Third Party Theme

 if you are using other third party template then you you have to edit your HTML and put the above links one by one in navigation menu.

A navigation menu is built with lists like





How to test it ?

In order to test just visit your blog as a normal visitor and just click on page link you set earlier you will your result. 
Like for me i clicked and i found this.

Page with posts


Sometime making a good navigation gives us alot of benefits like a visitor visited and now he is motivated to read another piece of article , this will increase your engagement and google takes this as a signal that your blog is  valuable to readers which help is ranking.

 And using label search technique allow you to do so very easily.

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How to Upload images and get URL in Blogger ?


Upload an image and Get its URL

Alot of bloggers including you and me starts their first blog on platform which is a free to use platform by google.

At the begining most of us don't know some of the very basic tricks and tips like getting URL of image is one of those. When i was new to blogger platform then sometime i required URL of an image , luckily i was known to little html and css which i learnt in school.

But many bloggers  don't have knowledge of HTML and coding so they struggle to get URL of an image.

So today in this tutorial i am going to show you how to upload images and get its URL in blogger.
In order to do that just ,

Follow these steps :

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard and navigate to posts.

Step 2 : click on orange plus to create new post and you will see post editor .

Upload image

Step 3 : In menu bar find image icon just click on it.
Upload from computer

Step 4 : click on upload from computer button and you will see like this.

Get URL of image in blogger

Step 5 : choose any image and let it upload. After uploading completes , just select that image  and your image will be present in the post.

Getting URL of an image

In order to get image URL you have to check its source code. For that click on HTML mode in menu and you will see codings like below.
Get URL of an image

Now go to region where image lies , inorder to reach to image you can read nearby texts in a post . But if post has single image then it will be easy.

Check for <img  src=".............."> tag

Src = " something "

That something is URL of your image . Just select that Text and copy it . Now you can use this URL wherever you want.

Ways of Adding images in blogger blog.

Generally there are three ways of adding images in blogger blog. 
1. Direct Upload
In this method you just upload an image directly from computer and select it.

1. Google photos 
If any image is present in your google photos app or say account then it can be accessed. So if you want to use google photos then at first sign in to your google photos using same google account and upload all photos then you can use them later in posts.

3. Blogger
Generally it is just a library of those used photos so it is useful if you want to use same image twice or if you don't wanna reupload same image. Basically it  is image storage of your blog.

4. By URL
You can use images in blogger by URL . For example websites like pixabay have free images you can copy their URL and use it.


Finally , uploading an image and getting its URL is not very big problem but it is very useful and important trick of blogger . And it is always beneficial if you know it.

This blog contains many such tricks and tips  for new bloggers who have joined the blogging community recently so if you are one of them just.
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How to change favicon in blogger ?


How to change favicon in blogger

So you want to change favicon in your blogger based blog right  but before that Do you know what is favicon ?
 Its size ?  or its role in SEO of your blogger blog if not then read this post completely you will be surprised to know about its importance.

What is favicon ?

Favicon is   a small brand icon which appears in left side of URL of website in any browser and also its the same icon which appear in bookmarked pages or saved pages in browser.

Except browser it also appears in left-top corner of search result in google . Basically a favicon is a branding logo in web system so that people can easily recognize website like you will easily note icon of facebook that blue colored F right.

Just like logo of mobile apps you can call favicon as  web branding sticker or icon.

Does it affect ranking of website ?

There is no direct relation of favicon with search rankings instead it is particularly related to brand and professionalism. Almost all blogs hosted on web have a favicon and so you must have as well in order to look professional.

But in blogger by default there will be an orange colored blogger favicon which looks very unprofessional and whenever a visitor will see your website in search results he will know that its blogspot site and some time people try to ignore blogspot site or say they don't give much care to blogspot based sites .

So in such case even if your appeared in search results  , visitors won't click which will decrease your CTR click through rate and finally your post will also starts getting down from the SERP.

After this discussion we came to a new conclusion that although favicon directly doesn't impact rankings , it affects the CTR of blogspot based blogs which finally impacts or says hits your search rank.

Hence my suggestion is always use custom made brand icon or say favicon instead of that orange blogger icon.

Size of favicon in blogger

In blogger platform you can use a custom favicon or say image but its size should not be more than 100 KB . Generally a favicon is of size 16 px by 16px with jpg or png format.

It is very important that your favicon should be jpg or png or gif , other formats like SVG s are not supported in blogger platform.

 Best websites to create a favicon for blogger

So you decided to add favicon but do you know where to generate favicon ? If not then don't worry there are plenty of websites which allow you to create your favicon for free .

Some of them are mentioned below :

How to change favicon in Blogger ?

In order to change your favicon ,
 just follow these steps :

1. Go to you Blogger Dashboard

2. Click on settings.

3. In basic section , click on green colored Favicon link.
favicon in blogger

4. Click on choose file and select your favicon.
How to change favicon in blogger blog ?

5. Just hit the save button .

Congratulation!! You have changed your favicon.


Finally i want to add few more points like in this post i stated that favicon may sometime affect your CTR it doesn't mean that after using professional icon you will rank on top its not like that. So it affects peoples perception not google so please don't blame me  for those things . Like your post is not ranking or like that.

So i would say professionalism works well but still googles first priority is content . Content is and will remain king .

Thank you for reading.
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How to add links in blogger comment ?

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