How to add links in blogger comment ?

  Do you want to know , how to add links in blogger comment ? If yes then you are at the best possible place. At first blogger comment form doesn't give us any simple button or icon for adding link and sometime its creates problem . Sometime readers may need to put  a link to particular site  in  their comment and they start thinking how to do it and run to google. If you are one of them then i am telling you after reading this post you will be able to add links in comment of both blogger and wordpress blogs. This Method is native way using HTML anchor tag which is given below. <a href="    Your_Link    " > Text to be displayed </a> How to use it ? In comment form write comment and when you need to add link , just add above code and replace your_Link  with link of webpage or any site. And Text to be displayed with your own text. After that publish comment and you  will see a clickable link on comment. DEMO PREVIEW Pro tips :  ( read careful

How to create blogger sitemap just in 2 minute ?


How to create an XML sitemap for blogger

Do you want to create an XML sitemap for your blogger blog ? If your answer is yes then stick yourself to this post.

But at first let me tell you what a sitemap is , very first answer to this question is" It is a map of website " . Yeah its true  , a sitemap or lets say sitemap of your blog is basically an XML file containing links of all the blogpost published . 

But why do we need sitemap ? 

Its answer is very simple , we need sitemap to better index our blog in google or lets say any other search engines like bing or yahoo. 

Actually this sitemap is not for small blog with some 20 post or like that but when you have about 50 post , 100 or even big blogs may have 2000 posts. So ,In that case we need a sitemap so that google's crawler will evenly crawl the pages and make sure that none of your  post will be left.

Bloggers default dynamic sitemap

Blogger have a default dynamic sitemap for every blog created on its platform . It is an xml file with schema and everything is fine.

But the problem is it is dynamic which means it is regularly updated and so all blog post are not listed only recent blog post are included.

And so we always try to find a way to include all the post and but don't worry there is another way to do that .
But at first i wanna tell you how to see your default sitemap on blogspot blog.

Well just copy paste your URL in web browser and add /sitemap.xml and then search you will get an XML file.


My blog is

So i used

You can click on above link and see my blog sitemap.

Although above sitemap works great but we should not use it because it only lists recent post instead we will create another Atom based sitemap which include all  blog post links. 

How to create sitemap for blogger

So now lets  come to our main goal which is creating a original atom based sitemap for blogger.

In order to create that just add this texts at the end of your blog URL and this will be your sitemap address. 


Okay i will explain above code  , basically above link is URL of atom.xml file for feed and in this file maximum of 500 links is included or stored 

My blog URL is

So it will become 

You can click on above link to see my atom based sitemap

Blogger sitemap Generator

In order to make your task easier i have created this small tool. It automatically generate blogger sitemap and copy to your clipboard. So how to use it ? Its super easy just enter your blog URL in first box like and click on generate and then copy it. That link is your sitemap address . 

*Note : don't use / at last of URL because tool by default add it so it will not work.
Wrong : or /m=1
Correct :

Now you have your sitemap link right but wait thats not your job , your main goal is to submit this link to google search console so that google will index your blog quickly.

Adding your blogger sitemap to Google search console

In order to add your sitemap just Go to google search console and Select your property or website.

In dashboard there will be an option "sitemaps" Just click on it and you will see like below.
How to create sitemap for blogger blog

As in the above picture just enter URL of sitemap not blog and then click on submit and it will show a prompt message Added succesfully like below.

Adding blogger sitemap to google search console


Finally i want to say you that generally a blog with post more that 50 requires a sitemap because links less than that can be manually submitted to search console but since we humans are lazy so just create one sitemap and  submit it.

After that google will enjoy your sitemap , you don't need to take that anxiety.

Although there are many website which have created a sitemap generator but i don't recommend and i also don't think its necessary because its small and easy to do .
For example my own sitemap generator maynot work correctly if you used " /" after URL.

And one more thing if you liked this post then you can share this with other blogger  friends  as well.

Thank you and also please read below post . Its dedicated for blogspot bloggers.

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